Our work is carried out by committed, highly creative and talented volunteers.

Comedy, particularly improv, is a powerful tool for lifting the spirits, minds, and bodies of those in need.

Our History

Laughing Matters began with a simple idea: bring to improv comedy a therapeutic and community service application. Since its inception, Laughing Matters has delivered over 100 free-of-cost comedy shows to therapeutic centers throughout Boston. The first generation of performance volunteers assembled late 2008 in the heart of Harvard Square at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA. At the conclusion of a structured improv comedy training program, the ensemble embarked on a one-year performance tour, during which the organization identified a series of best practices for the performance of improv comedy in the therapeutic setting. Since 2009, Laughing Matters has delivered service comedy performances to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Youville Hospital, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, Pine Street Inn, Somerville Home, and Hale Bernard Services for Older People.

Laughing Matters is an independent, volunteer-led organization with financial support from public contributions. The organization is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.